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B2C across Scandinavia and Northern Europe
B2B worldwide

Integrated solutions
for Brands, Designers and Retailers

We help to achieve their goals
by leveraging and amplifying
what they have

Sell directly to millions of the most affluent consumers worldwide and develop and service reseller accounts more cost-effectively and efficiently

for Designers

Designers are at the core of what we do and we help them to develop at a time when they are striving to become established and have to cope with low production volumes and relatively high costs.

They benefit through the combined customer interest in the curated collections we bring together: and the opportunities to sell directly to end customers, thereby stimulating their reseller market while retaining relatively high margins.

Additionally we empower them with the tools necessary to recruit and manage an increasing number of resellers.

for Brands

Brands may still be interested in proving the appeal for their products and making a higher margin than on wholesale orders by selling B2C. However, for a brand the main focus is on scaling up by establishing new reseller accounts.

We give a brand the tools necessary to develop and support sustainable wholesale business.

for Retailers

We empower retailers by giving them an efficient and cost-effective way of communicating with designers and brands, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Crucially, we also communicate with retailers using many face-to-face processes.

Additionally we offer retailers the opportunity of extending their reach by selling their stock across a much wider market.


Not only are wealthy consumers equipped with mobile devices, they are very well equipped. Nearly all luxury buyers have at least one smartphone – globally, the figure is 95 percent and in most mature countries, it’s 100 percent. These figures reveal a much higher rate of ownership than that of the general population…

Nathalie Remy - McKinsey & Co